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Badinterview Tobias Gausemel Backe (Sibiir)

Hi Tobias, first of all congrats for Sibiir, how do you feel about the reactions of the zines, press, media that seem quite eulogistic about your first album ? Merci beaucoup! We are really happy and excited about the response so far, especially all the attention coming from outside of Norway. We felt like we had made a good album, ...

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Necronomisurf – Necronomisurf (2016)

2016/Self-released This is the first review in English I’ve written in ages. It sends me back to the beginning of Yargla Webzine, ten years ago or so, when Hugh Grunt and I (« Sacha Disto » at the time) started that fun-based metal blog (geeks didn’t miss a chance to remind us it was a blog and not a zine, so what, ...

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