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Elvin Road – Fade to Dark (2017)

On the Rooooaaad agaaaiiinnn ! C’est reparti pour un tour, et pas n’importe lequel : avec Fade to Dark, son troisième EP, c’est carrément d’un tour de magie que nous gratifie l’entité Elvin Road. Après Intersections et Monsters (et le Sampler faisant office de transition et de teaser pour cette nouvelle offrande), Antoine Saison et ses brillants collègues sont de retour (non, ...

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Sibiir – Sibiir (2016)

2016/Fysisk Format Sometimes, finding out about a band holds to nothing. I only managed to come to Sibiir’s Bandcamp page because I was checking some music by their fellow countrymen (and hailing from Oslo as well) Beaten to Death, some memorable brutes delivering a ridiculously heavy grindcore and developing a taste for catchy song titles (last album starts with « Papyrus ...

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Necronomisurf – Necronomisurf (2016)

2016/Self-released This is the first review in English I’ve written in ages. It sends me back to the beginning of Yargla Webzine, ten years ago or so, when Hugh Grunt and I (« Sacha Disto » at the time) started that fun-based metal blog (geeks didn’t miss a chance to remind us it was a blog and not a zine, so what, ...

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