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Top Teignes 11 – The soundtracks of Antoine from Elvin Road aka « Oniric Hunter » (Pt1)



(If you’ve already read the introduction of Top Teignes 11, don’t read this one, it’s the same. Recycling is life.)

To end our Elvin Road file (highly cinematic band coming from the capital) and complete the reviews of the first two albums (initially available on Yargla) and the review of the 2016 sampler (announcing the new album) as well as Antoine Saison interview, we asked the latter, the initiator and mastermind of the project, to set up for us a list of noteworthy soundtracks that have bordered his path, or I might say … His road.

As we could expect when you know -even a bit- the man, loquacious about the topic, we needed two « Top Teignes » to summarise his references without committing unforgivable omissions.

And now, make way for great music !

10. Zimmer’s Black Rain with, before all, the brotherly epic rock « Nick and Masa »

A piece of bravura that would almost make us wait impatiently for summer to attend panpipes concerts !

9. « Gretchen Ross » by Michael Andrews for Donnie Darko : 49 soft seconds of perfection.

« Only quality matters, not quantity ».

A famous phrase apparently also valid for length.


8. « To live & die in LA », soundtrack for and eponymous title of black 80s masterpiece by Friedkin composed by Wang Chung, an inspired new wave band mixing here pop choruses, funky electro-rock and very inventive ambient to accompany the descent into hell of two cops among which the irritable William Petersen. They released an album in 2012 with two gems, « Stargazing » and the very Miami Vice « Rent Free ».

A title that could feature in our « Pop covers » Top Teignes if a band of fat slimy metalheads had the good idea of dissecting it in a cover. The potential for a big hypnotic metal piece is real.


7. From the macabre to the ecstatic with « I’ve got a surprise for you today » by Jon Brion for the great Anderson and his Magnolia, a tough remembrance that’ll strike a chord and a beautiful score settling scene between Cruise the guru and his father.

A track that could rival with the requiems perpetrated by the most depressing doom bands… It would be able to make us feel downhearted at the heart of summer, just because we’ve forgotten the lemon for the beer ! On the other hand, one must also see the inspiring, galvanising side, the force and hope found back by a hero for example (like when Uma Thurman goes out of the ground in Kill Bill 2… And I haven’t seen the end of Buried but I guess it would be adapted as well, at least if the story ends « happily » (?)

6. Manhunter‘s soundtrack by the other great Mann with on top of the list « Leed’s House » by the Reds, hypnotic immersion, carnal and suffocating in the psyche of the red dragon and which ends on a celestial theme and the solitary ballad « Graham’s Theme » aka « William Petersen » by Michel Rubini, unavowed cover at the beginning of « Confortably Numb » by the Pink Floyd.

Simply superb. Suffocating, indeed, but superb.

5. « Going to Mexico », a great road trip song that opens Thelma & Louise, exalted by Pete Haycock slide solo, the melancholic country-synthrock score, although dated, is as spirited, Hans Zimmer at its best as for his early works.

Or how to realise (to remember) that instruments that are not apparently devastating (keyboards, harmonica or even panpipes, like for track n°10) can display a strike force at least equivalent to those usually used by thrash or death bands that are many in our pages. Not so much on a « sonic » point of view, of course, as on the emotional aspect.

And that slide guitar that commences the hostilities…

4. « First Sleep », from the Solaris soundtrack by the faithful Cliff Martinez for Soderbergh, equally ranked with the night trip « Bride of Chang » for the Only God Forgives by Refn, score more electro-tribal by RHCP former drummer.

Nagging, hypnotic, bewitching, captivating, celestial… Shall we say more ?


3. « Dark Spanish Symphony » by Angelo Badalamenti on Wild at Heart that exalts the 50s ballad by Rubber Citypar through strings as powerful as Sailor’s ardour and as tense as Lula’s thong.

Existential question, for one million sestertii : is that beautiful or harrowing ? Hard to tell. Let’s take that symphony as an invitation to (re)watch the movie to make a more precise idea, forge a more accomplished vision of the dilemma. Hell, I’m gonna make my massacra leak again (What ? I don’t use mascara…)

2. The rare angelic score by Basil Poledouris from the « Monsters » segment of the New Twilight Zone even though the score of the patriotic « Red Dawn » by Milius is as successful in Death and Freedom.

We’ve opted for the latter as for the clip, but remind you the forthcoming Youtube playlist will integrate in addition all the tracks mentioned within the two Tops (except those for which no video is available or authorised). The atmosphere is a bit different here with, indeed, a patriotic and unifying aspect that is clearly emphasised (in the second part of the title, the first giving way to a more… introspective passage).


1. If I had to name only one Morricone movie, it’s an impossible task but on the scale of emotional beauty, « Four Friends » from The Untouchables (the scene of the execution of a dying Malone is still traumatising me, thanks Brian), « Love and Dreams » from a Time of Destiny and My Name Is Nobody (the eponymous track and « Good Luck, Jack »).

« Morricone », « traumatising », a pleonasm ?

You have five hours, calculators are forbidden.

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